Dark Light

People can live life without living for a second. So many people go through life not doing things to bring that “spark” into their lives. Whether that be fun activities, being surrounded by the right people, or thrilling events, it’s important to have things in your life that keep you happy and emotionally alive. As someone who’s always been curious about life, I’ve never settled with being unhappy. I love having fun memories, crazy stories, and cherished moments to look back on. Being surrounded by great role models such as my parents and going through many different experiences, whether they be good, bad, or crazy, have shaped me into who I am today. It’s important to be able to live your best life while being your authentic self. Having fun hobbies, going to good places to eat, fun trips, cool festivals, meeting new people, and so many other things are so important for your personal growth. It’s living through different experiences that have taught me the most about myself. I have so many memories that I can look back on and remember how it shaped me into the girl I am now, and how glad I am that I got to experience them all, both good and bad. Every good experience is a blessing, and almost every bad one can be a blessing in disguise. The blessings in disguise are always the hardest, but are the ones with the most impact. 

Another thing that brings me happiness is supporting others. My whole life, I’ve loved helping others with advice and pushing them to be the best versions of themselves. I went through a lot during high school and middle school, so it’s easy for me to connect with others and help them through tough times and lead them to the good. Many of my friends say that I’m “the big sister they never got to have”, because I’m always there to help. I communicate so well and easily with others. I’m always listening, open and easy to relate to. I’m very non-judgmental and always want to learn different ideas or viewpoints, or educate others on different ones. The four pillars for my personal brand statement: authenticity, friends and family, positivity and commitment. Why, you may ask? Because I truly believe these are the four key things to keeping you happy. Nobody is truly happy when they’re pretending to be someone they aren’t. Living life as my true authentic self has shown me how I fit into the world and what I love to do. Becoming your own person is something you can’t truly do on your own. It takes good friends and family to help support you and help you grow. Happiness is our entire goal here. The journey to constant happiness starts with a healthy, positive mindset. A positive perspective can change your outlook on everything in life. Now, the only way to continue your journey is staying committed. Without the commitment to better yourself, you start back at square one. Everything I post for my blog will be related to at least one of my four pillars. They’ve helped me find myself and grow into who I am today.    

While making this blog, I decided my mission was going to be to help people become the best version of themselves, and live life through every kind of experience! Everyone deserves to be happy being themselves and doing what they love. I want to help everyone get out as much negative energy from their life as they can, and exchange it with love. Loving what they do, loving themselves, loving others, loving experiences, and loving what a thrill it is to be alive. Whether it be advice, overcoming challenges, facing social fears, or sharing my own different experiences I’ve faced or went through, I’m so excited to help get you to where you want to be! We can make this a journey together. Everyday, we’re growing and learning new things everyday. We’re learning about different things that help keep our “spark” alive. It’s the important things we pick up on our journey. We all start somewhere! Currently, I am a very compassionate and caring friend, daughter, sister, and stranger. In the future, I want to be someone who hundreds of others look up to and make them feel inspired to work on themselves and be who they really are. I’d love to be able to share my passion of self love and love for life with everyone I can. I want my brand and my blog to feel like a safe space for everyone to learn about how to work on and be themselves. I have multiple ways to go about this with my blog. I’ll be posting content on friend and family matters, different routines to keep your mind healthy and organized, advice for different experiences I’ve been through, and different trips I’ve taken! I also want to hear what you need from me. I’d love for each and every one of you to reach out with topics for me to talk about! Every other week, I’ll do a people’s choice post and whatever the top two topics are, I’ll have a poll on my Instagram for the top two topics and everyone can vote! I’m truly here for every single one of you. I’d love to help everyone I can, and together, we can start and get through this happiness journey! We can all accomplish happiness, not just for ourselves, but others too. Let’s spread our positivity, commitment, and authenticity to as many people as we can. Friends, family, neighbors and strangers can all want to start their journey because of you! People are easily motivated by seeing others do well. Once we start seeing success on our journey, others will start to see it too. Success in self love and happiness is what everyone strives for. Everyone wants to be happy, and I want everyone to be happy too. Let’s embark on this journey together, and grow!